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The Moth

The Moth is music inspired by the new feature film, The Moth, based on the life stages of a moth: ovum, larvae, chrysalis, imago.” 

- Stephanie Singer, composer

Contemporary classical duo release their debut EP, The Moth, through the label & publishing house, Independent Ear. British composer, Stephanie Singer, teamed up with producer, Ray Archie, to craft four pieces that detail the life-cycle of a moth: Egg, Mask, Gold, Ideal. This EP follows Singer’s Spring 2017 work Tapestries which was dubbed “disarming and wonderful” by Vice Magazine.

The Moth paints a haunting sonic landscape that immerses the listener in a wild and raw musical world. The four movements look at the metaphor of the moth's journey through birth, decay, and rebirth. Packed with eerie melodies, unconventional composition, and immersive sound design, each movement dives deeper into the beauty and brutality of a moth’s evolution.

The ensemble features the operatic stylings of Ashley Grier who has sung with the likes of Lauryn Hill and Nai Palm; Brian Sanders who is the cellist for jazz legend Kenny Garrett; cellist Talia Dicker, and drummer Elvin Mcrae.

The music was commissioned by Withyou Films, LLC Abigail Classey and Misha Braun (Co Creators) in October 2017 to be the score for an immersive ballet, Chrysalis featuring New York City Ballet. The immersive dance experience was produced to launch the cultivation of The Moth (Film) starring Braun and Classey. Produced by Classey and Golan Ramraz. The Moth (Film) is a fantasy drama told in four movements, it is a magical realist character study of Alex, a former ballet dancer and survivor of trauma, chosen for a journey of transformation both beyond this world and of it.”

The Moth (Film) will feature the unsettling aural landscape that you come to expect from Singer & Archie. The Moth is currently in development Produced by Withyou Films Founder/Creator Abigail Classey, Misha Braun and Golan Ramraz of Boom Picture Company.

This EP release marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration between Singer & Archie. 2018 also sees the duo embark on the scoring of the ambitious new feature film The Moth (Film) and the debut of ‘Sunrise2Sunrise’, an original music immersive experience.

Steph Singer

Stephanie Singer is an English composer and director. She thrives in writing for theatre and live experience as can be seen in her music company BitterSuite who create large-scale multi-sensory installations for new music. Her concerts have toured the Royal Opera House, the Royal Academy of Arts, BAM and have been featured in Ted Talks, The Smithsonian, BBC, Guardian, and Vice. Recently awarded the Jerry Harrington award for outstanding contribution to music from BMI, Stephanie is creating a number of original pieces of music theatre set for 2019.

Ray Archie

Ray Archie plays cello, bass, & piano and has performed internationally with Leonard Bernstein, Michael Tilson-Thomas, LSO, SF Symphony orchestra, & many others. Archie’s award-winning work transcends the traditional boundaries of genre and has been recognized by Billboard Magazine, AES, EBU, and beyond.


“I remember listening… more so experiencing an early mix of this project in April while at Ray’s studio. I sat there absolutely captivated not just by the music but by the story that was being played in my mind while I was watching the music come alive on a piece of his studio equipment. From that moment… I was eternally hooked.”  
- Phillip Ryan Block, Founder & GM of Independent Ear. 
“There is something instinctive and inspiring about the metamorphosis of a moths life. When I was writing, especially about the ovum stage, I became very focused on what an egg communicates. And it's possibility. The possibility of life, the possibility of death - the possibility of everything. The adult stage is the inevitable reality. It’s just what comes to be.” 
- Stephanie Singer, Composer

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